Welcome to Stars With Guitars - Frequently Asked Questions. We have compiled the most frequent questions we have been getting about the event, and answered them here.

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Thank you for supporting country music in Southern New England and for having your Cat Country On!

What is a Guitar Pull?

From Vilanova: A ‘guitar pull’ is a southern tradition where a small group of musicians sit around and take turns playing songs on a guitar. Over the years, guitar pulls have grown to include a variety of instruments: guitars, mandolins, harmonicas, ukuleles, all types of percussive instruments (including authentic Native American drums), tin whistles, juice harps, and even kazoos. The "guitar pull" is a tradition unique to country music, and it probably originated in a living room or out on a back porch. Typically, several would-be singer-songwriters would gather at a friend's house and take turns singing songs they wrote or playing old favorites.

In this case, we have assembled a group of hit-makers that represent different genres of country music - and a very funny host in Trace Adkins to be the facilitator. And of course ... our "front porch" is the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence! All will be on stage at the same time singing, telling stories and having fun.

What is "amped-up acoustic?

Having 4-6 artists who don't normally play together can be a logistical nightmare. Rather than have stage re-sets and stage-hands coming and going - with long lapses between songs, our guitar-pull will allow each performer to plug-in a guitar, fiddle or whatever else they bring and just keep playing. Amped-up acoustic is a nice mid-point between a full band show, and an artist all alone singing acoustic.

How Are The Artists for SWG Chosen?

We obviously choose to pursue artists who are currently a major part of Cat Country 98.1's programming. For 2016, Easton Corbin was supposed to play Snowball in 2015, but could not make the re-scheduled date so he was the first call we made. After confirming Easton, we looked for a blend of storytellers and musicians who would not already booked on May 20. Being huge Lindsay Ell fans, we called her people and they confirmed almost immediately. We still didn't know exactly who was going to host/emcee the event until we talked with Trace Adkins people. When we found out he was available, we knew we had a huge name in country music an a natural emcee. Finally, we had been chasing Jon Pardi as he has never played in our area. He was kind enough to agree to play our benefit and was on the bill ... only to fall ill and lose his voice.

How Does The Guitar Pull Work?

Unlike a concert where each artist takes turns, they all come out at once and enjoy and even participate in each others songs. There is no order or structure to the event. That is why it is so important to have a natural emcee type like Trace Adkins who will enjoy interacting with each act.

Is Stars With Guitars the new Snowball?

Yes! We had done 7 events knows as Snowball starting at the Crown Plaza in Warwick, moving to Rhodes On The Pawtuxet in Cranston and just this year, moving to the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence. Most Cat Country fans know that the 2015 event was post-poned due to a blizzard (ironic ... yes). But what many don't know is that four other events were in jeopardy due to weather with two near misses. By the time we had outgrown Rhodes On The Pawtuxet, we decided we should also give ourselves the option to hold the concert some time other than February. With the 2015 re-scheduled event going off so well as a guitar-pull, the idea became permanent and Snowball will be from this point forward be known as Stars With Guitars. It may end-up back in the winter as those months are easier to grab name stars, we just wanted to give ourselves the option to be flexible with a new name.

Will there be CDs or DVDs of the event for sale afterwards?

No - This event is for the private use of our ticket holders and guests. There will surely be stuff on YouTube shot by fans on their iPhones and Droids. That ought to be fun to see!'

Is the event a benefit?

Yes - Cat Country 98.1 and Dunkin' Donuts are proud supports of Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence. A portion of the proceeds will go to Hasbro Children's Hospital

Stars With Guitars Is A Country Music Guitar Pull in Providence Rhode Island with Cat Country 98.1

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